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About Hughie

Hughie J. Morris


Hughie originally qualified as a Massage Therapist in July 1998, gaining an ITEC Diploma with Credit in Anatomy, Physiology & Massage. Due to his keen interest in health & fitness he then naturally progressed into the field of Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy & graduated through the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM), gaining a BTEC Diploma with Credit in August 1999. He has vast experience of treating various clients, ranging from athletes to housewives & also had the experience of treating disabled water skiers at the world championships in London in August 1999. He is passionate about his field & continues to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to ensure that he is always at the forefront of his

profession. He has been practicing Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening: The Mattes Method since 2007 & has attended a couple of Aaron Mattes’s seminars in the USA, including the first Advanced AIS Seminar, held at West Palm Beach, Florida in September 2008. Also, he has spent extensive time training at Aaron Mattes Therapy Clinic in Sarasota, Florida, learning AIS Stretching & Strengthening, in relation to its clinical application.


Advanced AIS Seminar at West Palm Beach, Florida, in September 2008.

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