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October 2008

Mr Hughie Morris, who is based in the United Kingdom, is an outstanding practitioner of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS): The Mattes Method and Active Isolated Strengthening (AIS): The Mattes Method. He has taken the seminars, including the first advanced seminar. Also, he has spent four consecutive weeks equaling 200 hours of clinical observation and hands on working alongside Aaron Mattes, treating spinal cord, T.M.J, herniated disc conditions, advanced knee problems, major ankle and foot problems, Parkinsons, sports injuries, scoliosis, kyphosis, advanced postural problems and neuropathy, to name but a few of the type of conditions treated successfully at Aaron Mattes Therapy, Sarasota, Florida 34231.

Mr Morris has displayed advanced ability, even though he has only spent a few hundred hours mastering the numerous AIS skills through great detail. The knowledge, decision making and compassion for his patients characterize Mr Morris as one of the very best I have observed in the past 40 years in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. He quickly claims the admiration of patients and therapists alike. It is without hesitation that I recommend Mr Hughie Morris for consideration as your therapist.

Aaron Mattes, Developer of Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening.

My name is David and I'm 68 years old. I've had lower back pain since the 1980's and the pain has gradually increased over the years. In the past, I was a keen sports person, playing squash, jogging, swimming and playing rugby during my time in the Navy in the 60's. My GP could only prescribe pain killers for my back pain & I was introduced to a local Chiropractor, about 6 years ago.The treatments that I received definitely brought some relief, but frequent trips were required. Then this year I was given probably one of the best birthday presents ever.....5 treatments with Hughie.

I thought that I was going to get some very deep muscle treatment, but Hughie had something better in mind. In fact, after I finished my first stretching treatment, amazingly both my legs were the same length (one had been shorter in length by 3/4 ins, longer than I can remember) and more importantly I was PAIN FREE! Not only that, I'm able to do some of the basic stretching exercises at home, consequently, I'm able to maintain my current status. It is difficult to believe that after so many years, even at my age, it's possible to say goodbye to pain, through stretching muscles. There again, since its the muscles and soft tissues that support the spine and all other bones in our bodies........... then it makes perfect sense.

Thanks Steve (for the pressie) and to you Hughie for your patience and dedication to your clients.

David Adamson from Edenbridge, Kent.



I came to England with a plethora of nagging injuries and a general lack of mobility, after more than ten years of unsuccessful treatments in France. I initially met Aaron Mattes, the founder of the Active Isolated Stretching technique. Then after my initial treatment with him, Aaron then directed me for further treatments with his trusted student Hughie Morris, who directly assisted him with the AIS Seminar in London. During my one week stay there, we made more progress in one week than in years of conventional rehab.


Hughie was able to provide a comprehensive and intensive program and provide tools that I could use at home, in order to enhance the treatment. I was extremely satisfied to find a true professional who could honestly answer all my questions. Hughie is caring and truly driven to help people get better. I discovered through Hughie Morris and Stretching GB not only a tremendously effective rehabilitation method but also a lifetime tool to help me achieve the best shape of my life and remain injury free. Thanks Hughie!

Julien (Toulouse, France).

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